Some Inconvenient Truths about Climate Change

Preface: This article is under “Opinion” for a reason. It doesn’t contain rigorous citations, but I believe what’s said below to be based on solid evidence. To re-create the journey I took to come to hold these opinions, I urge you to start where I did and follow the path to the research papers and articles I found. My jumping off point began in an unlikely place… two podcasts from “The Joe Rogan Experience”. The links to those are here and here. Start there, do your own homework, and form your own opinions!

Climate Change

A few, well hidden facts about Climate Change:

  • Of course, man is responsible for some component of Climate Change. What no one in the Global Cooling (1970’s) Global Warming (80’s and 90’s) “Climate Change” Politico-Industrial Complex wants to admit: We don’t have a clue how much the climate would have changed without Man’s contribution to CO2.
  • CO2 is only one of many factors that can influence global temperatures over time. Other contributors include:
    • Changes in the Sun’s output and the solar wind
    • Changes in the Sun’s magnetic field (the Heliosphere) that envelopes the entire Solar System
    • Changes in the Earth’s magnetic field (we know it has changed – and even flipped polarity – many, many times over the eons) and it’s ability to protect us from extraterrestrial radiation – that among other things influences cloud formation
    • Cosmic impacts on a scale that could easily impact global climate. Think about the comet that killed off the dinosaurs about 65 million years ago. It certainly generated enough atmospheric changes to radically change global temperatures – and that, more than anything, led to the demise of the dominant form of life on the planet in a geologic “instant!”
  • The ocean is a huge “sink” for holding CO2. When the ocean is cool, it holds more CO2. When the ocean warms, it releases CO2. Warming temperatures and rising CO2 levels represent a Chicken and Egg problem. The feedback loop generated by ocean temperatures and CO2 levels is quite possibly far more responsible for any rise in CO2 we’ve seen than Man’s activities are. In other words, some other event could have triggered an initial period of warming that caused the oceans to release CO2, which in turn caused additional warming and so on. This might have happened anyway, irrespective of man’s activities. Anthropomorphic CO2 likely did add to this, but who knows by how much. We just don’t know enough. This issue, hidden by those with a vested interest in the Global Cooling Global Warming “Climate Change” Politico-Industrial Complex is but one indication of the fact that our understanding of what makes the climate change is in its infancy.
  • About 13,000 years ago (like 5 seconds ago in relation to the age of Earth), at the end of the last ice age, the climate warmed radically and ocean levels rose by over 400 feet as the polar caps melted significantly. Man‘s nonexistent technology (man emitting CO2) couldn’t have done that back then.
  • Huge swings in average global temperatures have occurred in “an instant” in prehistoric times. For example: During the Younger Dryas period – 12,800 to 11,600 years ago, at the beginning we were locked in an Ice Age… a few years later, global temperatures had skyrocketed and the Ice Age was over (with respect to temperature). Man didn’t do that eleven or twelve thousand years ago!
    Greenland Ice Core Temps
  • Current CO2 levels are at the bottom end of historic levels and near the minimum needed to support plant growth (at all). For most of their existence on Earth, plants evolved in an environment much richer in CO2 than today’s levels. Plants are, big picture, nearly starving at today’s CO2 levels. If CO2 does continue to rise, plant growth will explode worldwide. How much will that growth offset the CO2 increase? Initial indications are “a lot”! (see below)
  • For an example of the above: In North America, satellite and other data shows that increased forest growth over the past 100 years (due to rising CO2 levels) has been enough to more than offset all the extra carbon emitted by Man’s technology in North America. As a geographic region, North America has been a net carbon absorber over the past 100 years thanks to our increased plant growth.
  • Greenland ice cores show global temperature varying radically – far colder than now and far warmer than now – over the tens of thousands of years that the Greenland ice has been there. We’re not talking about 1 or 2 degrees C. We’re talking about 8 or 9 or more degrees of variability in average global temperature back when Man could not possibly have been the cause. Those far more radical temperature swings occurred long before Man could influence CO2… we were still hunter-gatherers and there weren’t very many of us on the planet.
  • At our current level of technology, nothing we can do will stop all Climate Change. We don’t even understand why and how it changes so we wouldn’t really know what to do about it even if we had the technical capacity (like a powerful interstellar civilization might). The climate will continue to change – sometimes radically. Ocean levels will rise and fall by tens to hundreds of feet as the polar ice caps grow and melt over time. Nothing we can do currently will prevent this. Even more certain, nothing Man could have done in the past caused these radical changes in climate in antiquity.
  • The sane conclusion from these facts is that Modern Civilization needs to begin to prepare to adapt to the inevitable changes that are coming in the Earth’s climate.

    Search for presentations by Randall Carlson (and others) for paper citations and further information.

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