Mark and Julie’s New House

On July 20th and 21st, Jim and I went up to see Mark and Julie’s new house on the lake.  We loved it!  I thought the atmosphere was incredibly relaxing.  The design of the house said “relax and have fun” to me as well.  I’m so glad that after raising three awesome kids and working hard for all these years, the two of them have been able to move to a place I think will be a fantastic spot to retire and reap some extra benefits from all their hard work.  They deserve it!

I took some video from their boat (did I mention they have a boat now?), and a couple of clips from the DJI Phantom Pro drone to give an idea of where the house was and what the surroundings were like.  All beautiful, I think.

I hope you enjoy.  We look forward to returning.  I’ll try to get some good interior footage and some more from the drone when we do!

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