Mom’s 93rd Birthday

On April 14th, 2017 – my mom achieved the distinction of having occupied this planet for ninety-three years.  I feel so lucky to still have her!  We speak every day.  Many she turns the conversation to how grateful she is and how grateful we all should be that we’re all together and love one another dearly.  She wastes no time complaining about her sore knee, or the loss of loved ones who went before us.  She mentions these things in passing sometimes, but always framed around how fortunate she feels to have had this or that person in her life for as long as she did – or how, all in all, she ain’t in that bad health for a 93 year old.

I’m so proud of her spirit and and so beneficially educated by her perspective.

We had her party outside on her own patio.  We normally do these things at sis-in-law and brother’s house, but mom’s knee has been flaring up and my sis-in-law, Betty – thoughtful as always –  determined it would be far easier for her if Betty brought the party to mom, instead of the other way around.  We had a wonderful time.  Mom really, really enjoyed the fact that the party was outside.  Betty hit a home run with this idea – as she usually does.

Here’s a short video of the festivities.  I hope you enjoy!


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