Jim Turns 65!

I can’t believe how rapidly time passes as we age.  On June 6, we celebrated Jim’s 65th birthday!  That doesn’t seem possible to me.  Doesn’t matter other than I just can’t believe that many years have passed since we met.  For me, they have been the happiest years I can recall or even imagine.  I hope that’s the case for Jim too.

Below is some footage from a wild birthday party we had for Jim.  Hang on to your hats.

Warning: May not be appropriate for young viewers – for reasons that will readily become apparent.

  This is not a 4K video – it’s High-Dev (1080p), but it runs at 60 frames per second.  That’s because I didn’t check the camera settings when the party began and they were left where I’d set them for an aerial video project I’d been working on.  Anyway…

Happy Birthday Jim!   …and many moooooooore!

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