Space Station ( ISS ) Viewing Opportunities

If you’re a space geek like me, you might find this interesting.  Below is a table showing upcoming Internationak Space Station (ISS) viewing opportunities for the Joplin area in Southwest Missouri.

The widget below shows the next upcoming sighting.  After you read the next two paragraphs, click on “more sightings” to see a table with more upcoming opportunities.

Be sure to understand what you’re seeing in the table that comes up after you click “more sightings” below.  There’s a column that shows the direction and elevation above the horizon where the ISS will first appear.  The next door column shows the direction and elevation above the horizon where it will disappear again.  The station will track in a curved arc (but you can think of it as more or less a straight line) from where it appears to where it’s supposed to disappear.  Imagine standing in your back yard looking at the sky and draw that line in your mind’s eye.  You’ll get an idea if it’s going to be a good or a poor opportunity to get a good view of the ISS.

The “sighting duration” column is also a good clue.  Longer sighting duration means longer arc in the sky means likely higher arc in the sky.

Check it out:


You can get information for any spot by visiting this NASA web site.

Flying Around Scrub and Betty’s House – March 2016

About this time last year, we hadn’t had the Phantom 3 Pro for very long.  We went up to Scrub and Betty’s one Saturday in March mostly just to play and practice flying.

The video here is processed using PowerDirector instead of Adobe Premiere Pro – actually Premiere is now part of Adobe Creative Cloud.  I’ll give PowerDirector one thing – they have some really nice title templates!  However, I’ve been using Premiere since the 1980’s – when it took hours to render large projects in standard definition video, just like it takes hours to render large 4K video projects today.  There’s just a look – even with things as simple as a cross-dissolve – that Premiere delivers that I’ve never been able to reproduce to my satisfaction with alternative NLE editors.  But with all that said, this video was produced at a time when I was off the reservation, giving PowerDirector a go.

This video is just over 6 minutes and is one I think we all had fun doing.  Enjoy!



Orbiting Scrub and Betty’s House